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About RC tips and how to practice flying radio control airplanes

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About RC tips and How to practice flying radio control airplanes

This article will give you some basic information of rc knowledge and how to fly radio control airplanes.

1. What does RC stand for - How it works

Many people often see radio control airplanes referred to as remote control but technically this is an incorrect term. Radio control is the correct term because the airplane controls respond to radio signals that pass through the air from the transmitter to the receiver. The transmitter (also often just called the radio) is the main box that you hold in your hands and use to control your airplane, the receiver is located inside the airplane and receives the radio signals sent out from the transmitter.

Traditionally radio control systems operate on designated frequency channels in the MHz ranges . Anyway, a newer radio technology, called spread spectrum, has recently come in to existence and has become commonplace throughout RC hobby.

2. How a radio control airplane moves and turns

The basic radio control airplanes will only have rudder control; the rudder is the movable hinged section of the vertical stabilizer, or fin, at the rear end of the airplane. It controls the left/right directional movement of the airplane. The plane turns to the left when the rudder deflects left . The plane turns to the right when the rudder deflects right.

3. Number of channels of RC model

Every operation which is controllable on an radio control airplane is referred to as a 'channel'. The most basic plane will be just one channel which could be either motor control on/off (electric) or rudder movement. A 2 channel radio control airplane will likely have motor and rudder control. For the majority of 'sport' and club level rc pilots a 3, 4 or 5 channel airplane is the most popular. To get a true feeling and understanding of radio control flying you should get a plane with three or four channels.

4. Power unit types of RC model

The two primary power types are internal combustion (IC) and electric power (EP). There are lots of different choices of both IC and EP radio control airplanes available and the size of the engine or motor used depends on the size and weight of the model, as well as the desired performance.

5. RC flight simulator

An RC flight simulator can help beginner s learn to fly an radio control airplane (or helicopter) in complete safety and they will teach you the co-ordination and reactions you need to fly the real thing. They offer one of the best ways of how to fly radio control airplanes without any risk of crashing and damaging a real model. The flight simulator is software that runs on your home computer and will either have its own transmitter-style controller or will let you use your own transmitter to power the software. If you are serious about how to fly radio control airplanes and your budget will stretch

6. How to choose your first radio control airplane

If you're restricted to flying in a public space, such as a park, then electric is the way to go. EP planes have a much lower nuisance factor because they are, generally, very quiet compared to a noisy IC model. Also, EP planes require fewer accessories (i.e. no engine-starting equipment) and are, generally speaking, cheaper to buy so you can definitely get started for less with an electric rc plane.

7. Practice makes perfect

There's one sure way to improve your flying control skills - That is practice! when you've got a few flights under your hat and have the basic feel of flying radio control airplanes. Confidence only comes with experience and the more often you fly, the better you'll get at it. The most important is to enjoy your practice flying radio control airplanes.